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Sorrowful Mysteries During a Pandemic

The Agony in the Garden:

By the merits of Jesus at His agony in the garden, we pray Father for all those who are experiencing intense anxiety or depression because of illness, loss of work. or isolation from others. Especially those who have insomnia as a result. Send an angel of peace to comfort them, just as you did for Jesus that horrid night in Gethsemane.

The Scourging at the Pillar:

By the merits of Jesus at His scourging at the pillar, we pray Father for all those worldwide. Whose bodies are being scourged internally by the coronavirus and other illnesses, have mercy on us Lord exercise Your authority over this virus and put an end to the scourging of Your people, who are suffering.

The Crowning with Thorns:

We pray Father for all those who are mocked and ridiculed for their beliefs, their politics, or their behaviors during this painful confusing and sorrowful time. Stop the division among us Lord, send out the Holy Spirit of Unity upon us. Fill us all everywhere with Holy love and Holy friendship.

The Carrying of the Cross:

By the merits of Jesus at the carrying of the cross, we pray Father for the strength and perseverance to carry the cross of this pandemic. Remind us that we do not carry it alone, that Jesus Himself has become our Simon. When we fall from a lack of trust into fear, despair, anxiety, pick us up quickly. Show us the calming face of Your Mother.

The Crucifixion:

By the merits of Jesus at the crucifixion we pray Father for those who have been stripped of their comforts, who hang in the balance and agony, who feel as though You have abandoned them, who thirst for Your rescue. We pray that the Passion of the world be brought to a swift completion and we pray for the souls of the faithful departed lost to the Coronavirus.

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