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Glorious Mysteries from the Virgin Mary

The Resurrection

“I felt deep within My Soul that My Son would rise from the dead. Yet on that first Easter Sunday, I was still steeped in the miseries of Good Friday and My Heart ached for His presence. We set out for the tomb early as the sun was rising. Some carried oils hoping to better preserve His Body, as He had been prepared for burial with great haste on the previous Friday. My companions moved past Me as we were passing Golgotha. I paused at the spot marked by the Cross He had been taken from. There was an empty hole to mark the place where it once stood, nothing more.

‘My Heart burned inside of Me; so much did I long to see Him. I was deep in prayer when a Hand reached out to Me. It was His Hand, wounded by His enemies. His Face shown in Heavenly brilliance. He smiled as My tears filled His Wounds. He said, “Victory is Ours”. He remained but a few more moments. I understood He yet had a mission to fulfill. He vanished as quickly as He came. My Heart was gladdened as I proceeded on My way to the tomb filled with the joy of the Resurrection. All praise to the living and true God. All Praise to Jesus Christ. Alleluia!”

The Ascension

“The Ascension was accomplished in a quiet manner, as are all of God’s miracles. There was no great fanfare, nor tearful farewells. We were walking towards the town of Bethany. Christ stopped and turned to face us. His Body seemed radiant as the sun. His Wounds gleamed with the glory of God. He raised His Hand in a final blessing and gazed on us with much love. Slowly, He drifted away from earth. As He ascended to the Father a cloud gathered beneath His Feet. It appeared luminescent. We could see His outstretched Hands that seemed to embrace all of earth as Heaven opened for Him. The Father, I know, received Him with victorious joy. We, that were left behind, did not feel sadness at that moment but joy and peace of heart. We were all at once in the presence of two Heavenly beings. They urged us to continue on our way, and we did.”

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

“We were all assembled in a large room — the Apostles, friends of Jesus, and Myself included. Many were frightened fearing the same fate awaited them that Jesus underwent. There were many confused hearts and hearts that simply missed His physical presence.

“We were in prayer when the air in the room began to stir, though the air outside remained quite still. This breath of air became a gentle breeze and began to move through the crowd there assembled. Some that It touched fell over as though asleep. As this Breath of the Spirit approached each Apostle, tongues of flame appeared over their heads, and then they sank to the floor as though dead. I, Myself, slept in the Spirit for quite some time, and as I rested, I saw My Beloved Son smiling down at Me, seated on His throne at the right hand of the Father. My Soul was so steeped in love for Him I could not move.

“As we all started to come back to ourselves, we realized that this was the gift My Son had promised to send us — the Holy Paraclete, My Divine Spouse. Those, who had been grieving for His presence, arose filled with joy. All confusion vanished in the presence of wisdom and knowledge, for truths were now revealed that were heretofore hidden. The Spirit now enlivened the hearts of the Apostles devouring their fear. They burst into the streets proclaiming the good news. When they spoke, all understood the message no matter what their native tongue. Such was the beginning of Christ’s bride, the universal Church. All Praise to Jesus Christ!”

The Assumption

“Now while at table with many of Jesus’ friends, I felt as I often did, a great longing to be with Him. This time the feeling was much stronger than ever before. I could not hear or speak, for My Soul yearned for His Divine Presence. At last, I felt a great peace come over Me, and I fell asleep in the Spirit, this time never to awaken. My soul ascended quickly to His Heavenly kingdom, and once again, I was able to rejoice in the light of His Presence.

“Now My dear Son was not about to allow My undefiled Body to suffer the ravages of the grave. He summoned the Archangel Gabriel and My beloved Guardian Angel to His side and instructed them to collect My bodily remains and escort it to Heaven. Such joy, such elation I experienced in My soul as I saw My resting Body borne on the wings of Angels to Heaven. At Heaven’s gate, Saint Joseph and Jesus stood instead of the Angels and brought this Virginal Sanctuary through the gates of paradise. There, amidst the praise of all, My soul and Body were once again made one.

“What a grace, what a sublime gift He gave Me. Now do I appear both Body and soul throughout the earth, carrying messages of reconciliation and peace, messages My Son places on My Lips for all mankind. All praise to The Most High.”

The Coronation

“Since God the Father so deemed My Immaculate Conception in His great majesty, I was given many graces. I was His obedient Daughter finding any wrong repulsive. I was to Christ the Son an Immaculate dwelling, a loving Mother. The Holy Spirit found in Me a most willing Spouse ready to accept God’s designs for Me.

So then upon My Assumption into Heaven, God in His great goodness chose to crown Me Queen of Heaven and earth. I am the Mediatrix of all His Grace. I am Co-Redemptrix of humankind. I lead all to My Most Beloved Son, so that they may share in His kingdom. None that come to Me with sincere hearts shall be left wanting. All praise to Jesus Christ!”

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