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Glorious Mysteries for My Children

The Resurrection

When all seemed hopeless and lost—when it seemed your enemies had defeated you—you, Jesus, did the impossible. You rose from the dead. You proved that things are not always what they seem, that you are always working behind the scenes, that the Father’s plan WILL come about, and that nothing is impossible for God. Lord, Jesus, be victorious over my children’s enemies, too—those unseen spirits and powers who try to defeat them. Roll away the stone that keeps them from eternal life with You. Unbind them from their fears, confusion, and lack of faith. Anoint their wounds with Your Mercy and love. Do this also, Lord, for their spouse/future spouse... or for their most influential mentors and friends if they are called to the single or religious life. Amen.

The Ascension

Jesus, your apostles stood staring up at the clouds after You ascended to Heaven. They felt as if they had lost you again. First, after the Crucifixion, then after Your Ascension. They were confused, afraid, and grieving. They did not understand that You were not leaving them but just remaining with them in a different way. You left them with your real presence in the Eucharist, in the Gospel of Your Living Word, and You would soon send Your Spirit upon them. Jesus, when my children feel as though they are alone, as though you are not here, remind them to run to you in the Eucharist and the Bible, and to pray for an influx of Your Spirit. Give them a new love for Holy Communion, Scripture, and prayer. Amen.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Jesus, after you ascended to Heaven, your apostles gathered together fearful of what the future held. But Your Blessed Mother led them in prayer and summoned Her Spouse. The Holy Spirit descended upon them, strengthened them, and the apostles went out to continue your mission on earth. Jesus, I come now to this moment to pray with the Blessed Mother. I ask Her intercession, that Your Spirit may descend upon my children. I pray that they will have no fear of what the future holds but will be filled with power from on high to continue your mission on earth. Amen.

The Assumption

Holy Mary, at the end of your days, you were assumed into Heaven body and soul because of Your Immaculate Heart. Your Son did not want the Body of His most pure Mother—His first tabernacle— to suffer the decomposition of the grave. Blessed Mother, Mary, I ask you to hide my children in Your Immaculate Heart. Be for them a safe refuge and grant my children the grace of purity, so that they will not suffer decomposition in their soul. Keep them safe from the sins of impurity and, at the end of their days, visit them Body and soul and take them with you to Heaven. Amen.

The Coronation

Blessed Mother, Mary, when you entered Heaven and were reunited with Your Son, the King of Kings crowned you Queen of Heaven and earth and gave you authority in His Kingdom. You are our Mother, and you are our Queen! Right now, in this moment, I relinquish each of my children into your maternal care, and I beg you to exercise your authority and sovereignty over their lives here on earth. Command the angels in your Heavenly court to guide and defend my children until the day they come to live there for all eternity. Amen.

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