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Glorious Mysteries for Sainthood

The Resurrection

The women went to the tomb at dawn. But they set out while it was still dark, showing that Jesus rose from the dead in darkness. And He appeared first a converted sinner who He delivered of demons. Oh, Blessed Mother, Mary, grant me the grace to set out in faith, and to endure the dark night of this life. May the Risen Jesus deliver me from evil, forgive my sins, and reveal Himself to me in my darkest hour.

The Ascension

The disciples who witnessed Jesus’ Resurrection walked with Him, and at the appointed time were commissioned into His ministry. They were called to continue His work, to go make disciples of all nations. Oh, Blessed Mother, Mary, grant me the grace to walk closely with Jesus, learning from Him. And at the appointed time, may He call and commission me to the work of evangelization until He comes again.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

After Jesus ascended, the apostles gathered in prayer with the Virgin Mary. The were fearful they too might suffer persecution or death. The Holy Spirit descended upon them equipping them with power to do the work Jesus called them to. Oh, Blessed Virgin Mary, grant me the grace to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit during this Rosary. May the Lord give me the gifts I need to speak to people about my faith. And may He renew the face of the earth.

The Assumption

At the end of Her earthly life, the Virgin Mary was assumed into Heaven, body and soul. Jesus did not allow Her sinless body –His first tabernacle – to suffer the decomposition of the grace. Rather, they were reunited in Heavenly glory. Oh, Blessed Virgin Mary, grant me the grace at the end of my earthly life to be united with Jesus. May He grant me mercy and pardon on that day so that my soul may be assumed into Heavenly glory. Oh Jesus and Mary, make of me a great saint.

The Coronation

When Mary arrived in the Kingdom of Heaven, She was crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth. She is the mother of the King of Kings and the Prince of Peace. She is the Daughter of the Almighty and the Spouse of the Spirit. And so She is given a title worthy of this dignity. Oh, Blessed Virgin Mary, grant me the grace to be made worth of the crown. May Jesus prepare a place for me and all my family in the never-ending Kingdom of God.

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