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33-Day Rosary Novena for My Family

(Pray the below Opening Prayer followed by five decades of the rosary for 33 days.)

Opening Prayer:

I offer this rosary to the Eternal Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and through the Blessed Virgin Mary. Lord, God, I give you my will right now, and I ask that you unite it to your Divine will. Give me the wisdom to know your will in all situations. Give me the strength to accept your will in every moment. Give me the grace to truly love your will above all else.

I consecrate myself to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and I pray that the triumph and victory of your Hearts be brought about in mine. And not just mine, but my spouse’s heart and each of our children’s hearts as well. Mary Protectress of the faith, Refuge of Holy Love, come to our aid. Open the door of your heart that we may enter into the ark of the new covenant. Keep us safe and secure in your Immaculate Heart.

Mother, please petition your Spouse on our behalf. May we be filled with a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and endowed with His gifts and charisms. Petition your Son on our behalf, too, that he may have mercy on each of us and reveal himself to us in a new and powerful way.

Please petition the Lord also for these special intentions:

I pray for all of our family members and friends, both living and deceased.

I pray for my spouse, that he/she will be protected from all evil and have the grace to fully see and choose the will of God in all things. I pray for our marriage, that it will be strengthened in your Divine Love and protected from the attacks of the enemy.

I pray for our children, that they will be protected from all evil in mind, body, and soul today, tomorrow, and every day for the rest of their lives. I pray they will have a renewed desire for purity and a renewed interest in the spiritual life. I pray for their future spouses, their vocations, and the missions they are to fulfill on earth. I pray they will be free from any temptations or distractions that would prevent them from pursuing and fulfilling God’s will.

I ask the intercession of St. John Paul II for all of these intentions, and I ask that he be the special patron for our family. I entrust each of my children to his paternal care and that of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I pray, Lord, by the 33 years you spent on earth with Mary and Joseph, for a new life for my family and me. I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

(Now pray five decades of the Rosary.)

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