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Yes, He Hears

I filled yet another 5-subject prayer journal today. It doesn’t seem like much each morning, but when I go back and re-read the first few pages - where I was then (a couple of months ago) and where I am now - I see how much God has been working.. and how mightily. I see how little I knew then (pre-pandemic) about what was going to unfold... but how much HE knew. I see how He has been preparing us, providing for us, protecting us, and carving out paths “in the brambles.” I’m just sitting here right now, in total awe, thinking about how blessed I am to “see” Him in these notebooks. Sometimes - especially lately - there is the tendency to wonder where He is and if He hears us. But there is a resounding and undeniable “yes” written on each of these pages. Yes, He does hear us. Yes, He is with us. Even in the confusion and uncertainty.

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