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Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The video has showed up on my feed a couple times... the one of the disabled person being tortured in Chicago. I started to watch it - once. I got only a minute into it (maybe less, I don't know) and I had to turn it off. It touched me on a level I didn't know existed. The feelings that arose within me are indescribable. It produced a tornado of heartache, unrest, and confusion... to the point where my body didn't know if it wanted to cry, punch something, or vomit. It ignited something very bad within me... so bad, that I decided NOT to write about it. I feared what I would say, being as upset as I was.

But it recently dawned on me that that was the feeling Jesus had when He turned over the tables outside the temple. (Matthew 21:12) It dawned on me that it was not a bad thing. It was a good thing... REACTING to a bad thing. It's was my conscience and the just anger of the Holy Spirit. It wasn't a problem that I felt it... it would've been a problem if I didn't.

So, now I've decided to write about it.

That video -- that whole incident -- was an abomination on so many levels. One, the person is mentally disabled. He is a chosen soul, and likely a stranger to hate. Why do I say that? Because hate starts in the MIND, friends. It starts with one erroneous thought that we spend time mulling over. That one thought then becomes a belief, which implants something dirty in our hearts, and discolors our perception of everything around us.

Mentally disabled people, though, don't give these things much thought. They just see things as good. They trust. They believe in humanity. If you want to see the face of Jesus in this world, go spend time with a mentally disabled person. They are a beautiful gift to this world.... and those thugs from Chicago took advantage of that. They abused that. That's straight up evil. Regardless of your political affiliation.

Which brings me to the other reason why this incident was an abomination -- because of what the aftermath has revealed about society. There is still an enormous amount of outrage about Donald Trump supposedly making fun of a physically disabled reporter. In fact it came up again on my feed several times just yesterday. But notice I said "supposedly." That incident has already been debunked, MANY TIMES. Donald Trump never made fun of a person's disability. He didn't even know the man had one. He made fun of a flustered and frustrated media person being caught in his lie. He made those same hand motions many times before about other, non-disabled people.

But the media twisted and turned this event until they rang every last drop of truth right out of it. Then they put it out on the airwaves to circulate. The rumor spread like wildfire, and outrage continues still to this day.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, a disabled person is not only truly mocked, but also tortured. The attackers ironically yell "F Trump!" Media people, like CNN panelist Symone Sanders, argue the abuse was NOT a hate crime, though. In fact, she (and many) actually blame Trump for it. Other liberals just fall silent. Some dig up the old Trump story with his arms flailing. They repost it. They point fingers. "Here's your monster," they say. Celebrities like Meryl Streep use their position on camera to talk about the mistreatment of disabled persons. She references Trump, though, not Chicago.

Outrage rekindles. Division in America widens. Diversion from the truth is once again successful. There are few people even talking about Chicago anymore. Once again the only "hate" we see in the media (be it social or mainstream) is in the President-Elect and his supporters. The F-Trump "non-hate" has fallen off the radar. Whew! That was close.

Do you see how sly that was? The wolf comes in sheep's clothing... sometimes even in a black Hollywood gown or with an news anchor mic. But the wolf comes, and he comes to deceive and lead astray.

If Meryl Streep's primary concern was the disabled (like she pretended it was), she would've at least, at some point in her tirade, expressed her condolences to the poor, beaten Chicago man. But that wasn't her primary concern. Her primary concern was to use her position at an awards ceremony to push a deceitful, political agenda on one of the biggest television audiences of the year. Her primary concern was to stir up animosity and drive a wedge between Americans and their future leader... all the while preaching unity and peace. Her entire speech was filled with such flowering duplicity it could almost be called brilliant... that is, if it wasn't so abhorrently atrocious.

When will America wake up to these games?

The wolf is prowling, friends, looking for naïve sheep who won't notice the fangs. He's trying to spoon feed a nation... to the point that it becomes filled with confusion, and drunk on contradiction and double standards. Don't drink the Kool Aid. Don't believe everything (better yet, anything) the media feeds you without doing your homework and really thinking about what someone is ACTUALLY saying!

Meryl Streep called-out Trump for using a position of power to bully and force things on people -- huh?!?! As she used the mic at an awards show to force things on people? And the crowd went wild with applause and the little sheep at home pushed "share" all over Facebook. And this is just one of many examples I've seen lately.

Come on, America. We're smarter than this. At some point, we are going to have to find the guts to call a spade a spade. Remember what I said -- hate starts in the mind with one erroneous thought.

Think about the number of erroneous thoughts the media, the government, and Hollywood are pushing!!! Things like:

--Christians hate gays --"All lives matter" is racist --The 2nd Amendment is dangerous --Saving babies is anti-woman --Border security is Islamaphobic --Support for Trump is deplorable

They spew these lies as a means to "stop hate".... but by pushing error, they are enkindling hate and spreading it. They preach tolerance of all... except those who fall in any of the above categories. There is no tolerance for you, only disdain. This past election, I was unfriended by several people (INCLUDING FAMILY!) for my political stance. Blood is thicker than water, but apparently not thicker than politics. But I was befriended by many many more. So that shows me there are many in this country who are fed up with the wolves. Many are ready to take back America.

Oh and before you push "comment" and start to spew hate on my timeline, know that you will only further prove my point. Know also that I'm not playin anymore. It will be deleted. Also do not try to slyly convince me or those following me that Trump is "evil". That ship sailed... or rather, got elected. The issue is not Trump. If you think it is, you have missed the entire point of this.

The point is error, duplicity and double standards. I am a Pro-life, Christian, Second Amendment supporting, Trump voting, security favoring, America-loving patriot with dear friends of many races, religions, genders, creeds, sexual orientations, and beliefs. There is not a soul on this planet that I hate. Not one. So please do not go there with me. I am not a hater. And I am also not a sheep.

Ok. Rant over. Back to the grind. God bless, friends.

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