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Running Drills

This morning in prayer I was thinking about my basketball playing days. Sounds a bit strange I know. But bear with me. I was thinking about warmups before the games. The drills we used to do, the warmup suits, the camaraderie with my teammates.

I remember how warmup time used to determine whether I was nervous for the upcoming game or confident. Whether my shot was "on" during warmup and I was sinking them, or whether it was "off" and I was struggling. Whether we ran our plays seamlessly and nailed it, or whether we flubbed them up.

I remember how, before some of the bigger games, there was this spirit among the team, this energy, this fire. There was something about us being joined together...ready to represent our school and our town. Looking back, warmup time was so much more valuable than I ever gave it credit for.

I was thinking about all this in prayer this morning and it dawned on me. The majority of life is warmup time. In reality, we spend our days "running drills" by practicing virtue. We "run through the plays" by living the Word. Essentially, we're gearing up for the bigger tests and deciding moments.

We're banding together in the Spirit of the Lord, to take on bigger opponents, like the devil himself... all the while representing our God and Heavenly Father. Whether we're consistently "on" or "off" in these seemingly small moments should determine whether we're nervous or confident for what's coming up. Because something IS always coming up. No life is free from testing or challenge or battle.

But a lot of times I don't think we give this much thought. How often do we really consider the importance of everyday little moments? But every moment counts. Every word counts. Every action counts. Every thought counts.

Through these, we are gearing up, building strength, forming character. In reality, this is what will determine the outcome of the contest... whether we overcome the devil and keep the faith. Or whether we are overcome by him and lose our faith. Ultimately, the outcome will determine whether we wear the crown. It will determine whether we experience that eternal parade of champions. So you see, my friends... in reality, warmup is everything.

Everything. Today, my prayer is that we seize the little moments. That we see how truly valuable they are in the overall big picture. And that we fully embrace each and every little one of them. May the Lord bless our efforts. May he strengthen us for every contest, and in the end may we all walk arm-in-arm, triumphantly together in the Victor's parade.

Peace be to you all.

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