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Joyful Mysteries on Being Led by God

The Annunciation - Being Led to Submit:

The Blessed Mother was given a revelation regarding God’s will for Her life. She didn’t understand it, though, and asked, “How can this be?” The Angel Gabriel explained that it would be GOD who would accomplish it all. And she replied, “Let it be done unto me according to thy word.” Sometimes in prayer, we get a stirring about what God is calling us to… something we know we are to do, or to be, or to say. We ask, “But how can this be?” We can’t see the whole big picture and all the details- so we wait. We don’t accept God’s plan just yet because we want to see it first before we submit. But sometimes, God wants us to submit first before we see it. Then He will bring it about. Blessed Mother, grant me the grace to submit, to give myself to God’s will for my life. Help me to speak with confidence your words, “Lord, may it be done unto me according to thy word.” Amen.

The Visitation - Being Led to Serve:

Mary invited her cousin Elizabeth, and at the moment she greeted her, Elizabeth recognized the Lord’s presence among her in Mary. This gave Elizabeth great joy, and caused the life in her to leap. Sometimes we get an inclination to go to someone or say something to someone… we are nudged to act out of our comfort zone, to take a risk on behalf of someone else. Sometimes God wants to use us to “visit” someone in need, and that through us, He may bring them joy and stir the life within them. Blessed Mother, grant me the grace to be receptive to God’s Lead and have the courage to follow through with what He asks me to do for others. Amen.

The Nativity - Being Led to Stillness:

when it was time for Jesus to be born, Mary and Joseph were forced to take up residence in a stable- far removed from town, the crowds, the noise, it is there in the quiet, in the humble setting, The God of the universe arrived on earth. Sometimes God calls us to remove ourselves from the crowds and the noise, too… so that we can enter stillness and quiet. It is there that the God of the universe wishes to come to us. Sometimes he even foils our plans to bring this about. Blessed Mother, grant me the grace to follow God‘s lead into the humble surroundings of my own Heart far removed from the busyness of life so that I can encounter the living God.

The Presentation- Being Led to Obedience:

Mary and Joseph were obedient to the law. They took the child Jesus and presented him in the Temple. Through this obedience, they received yet another revelation regarding God‘s plan, for Jesus and also Mary. Sometimes God uses the adherence to his law, the precepts of the church, and the directives of our spiritual leaders, to communicate His plan for our family and for us. Blessed Mother, grant me the grace of obedience that I too may come to hear, see, and understand God‘s plan for my life.

Finding in the Temple - Being Led to Reflection:

Mary and Joseph were anxiously caught up in the busyness of the journey and began traveling without Jesus. After a day's journey, they saw him among their companions and realized he was not there, so they returned back to Jerusalem. After three days, they found him in the Temple. Sometimes we get too caught up in the busyness of life. We take off into our day without Jesus… and then we feel the tug to seek him out in return once again to the Temple of our hearts where he waits for us. We often feel an anxiousness realizing we have left them behind. Blessed Mother, grant me the grace to reflect in prayer on my day, to make sure I am not lacking, have forgotten, or neglected anything in my spiritual life. Amen.

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