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Joyful Mysteries in the Words of Mary

The Annunciation:

That night, so long past, I was alone — deep in prayer. A great light came into My little room illuminating it more than any lamp. From this light stepped an Angel of God — His goodness emanating from his being. I was taken aback, thinking at first he had come to reproach me, but his words were calming. I had found favor with God he told Me. His message to Me followed, and I could say nothing but “yes”, for since My earliest memory I was obedient to God in all things. He spoke of My cousin and then left, leaving My humble room quite empty and forsaken. I would ask all mankind, then, to be obedient to God’s will in their lives in all humility. Praise be to God!

The Visitation:

I went quickly to My cousin Elizabeth’s home after receiving the Angel’s message. Though the journey was quite arduous, I knew in My Heart that upon seeing her I would receive confirmation of all the Angel had spoken to Me. Indeed, upon My arrival she told Me the babe in her womb had jumped for joy as I approached. So aged was she but yet with child. I had no doubt she had been given a great gift from God. Empowered by The Holy Spirit, I spoke from my Heart, speaking of generations yet to come and of the great miracle God was bringing to earth through the power of the Holy Spirit. My dear people, in praying this mystery, I would ask that you reflect upon so great a God that He can answer all prayers. For it is through God all things are possible. Perfect your prayer lives and come to Him with expectant faith. He will always answer in His way, in His time. Praise be to Jesus!

The Nativity:

It is impossible to describe in terms of earth the joy and awe of that night. All things leading up to this joyous event caused anguish. The trip so long and arduous, the separation from our families, the lack of proper dwelling upon our arrival in Bethlehem. Yet, when My eyes beheld My Infant Son’s countenance, so fresh from Heaven, none of the trials could I remember. He was all holiness. In His presence Our meager surroundings faded from sight. I felt the presence of Heaven oncearth. He could have chosen to come into the world in the palace of a king — sharing all the comforts of the world. Yet this was not his choice, for He was not of this world. His kingdom was with His Father in Heaven. As He grew, He never chose the world or its pleasures but kept His eyes ever on His Father’s kingdom. So I ask all who pray this mystery of My Rosary, pray for this same spirit of detachment. This grace is indeed vital to salvation. Those who worship the things of this poor world cannot truly say My Son is first in their lives. In His omniscience He knows the hearts of all men and shall not welcome into His kingdom those who place Him last in their hearts. Praise be to Jesus!

The Presentation:

When I recall this mystery, the Presentation of My Infant Son in the temple, I have mixed emotions. I recall the many days of prayer and sacrifice leading up to it. Joseph and I wanted our Son to be blessed in a most special way. Then we set out so that according to Jewish custom We would arrive in the temple when He was of proper age. We took with us a simple offering of some birds. He was blessed having been presented to the priest. Several times while we were on the steps of the holy temple a man of some years approached us, his name being Simeon. At one point, he asked to hold My Beloved Son, and so doing spoke most prophetically. He thanked God for sparing him for that moment, then told Me that My Soul too would be pierced with a sword. Indeed, I knew at once of what he spoke, for My Cross throughout the rest of My life was the knowledge of Jesus’ future. I knew He would suffer a torturous death, one that I would witness. I knew that his darkest hour would be brightened by His resurrection. At once, I was saddened and peaceful knowing He, whom I held in My Arms, would redeem mankind. I held all these things in My Heart, pondering them as I cared for My Divine Son. Joseph and I set out for home, both of us reflecting quietly the events of the day. Later, Joseph spoke to Me softly of what Simeon had spoken, hoping to calm My fears. But I, with the wisdom God had given Me, knew the day was coming when I would indeed suffer as too would My Son. It was the Cross I was to bear for 33 years.

The Finding in the Temple:

When Jesus was twelve years of age, Joseph and I took Him to Jerusalem for a holy day celebration. We were not alone but traveled with a large number of family and friends. It was on the way home I started to search for My Beloved Son among the group we were traveling with. At first, I felt sure I would discover Him tucked away in a corner asleep or speaking of God the Father to His cousins and friends. As the hours wore on, I grew more and more distraught. Joseph decided we should return at once to Jerusalem fearing He had been left behind. Now it was many days journey to return. The heat was overwhelming and added greatly to our burden. As we again approached Jerusalem, Joseph suggested that we search the temple first as this was the place most pleasing to My Son. It was late in the afternoon. The shadows were already growing long. As we mounted the huge stone steps of the holy temple I felt a great sense of peace. Even from the top steps we could hear His voice echoing through the great stone chambers. Joseph found Him standing in the midst of several learned men speaking profoundly on writings of a prophet from ages past. My Heart was flooded with joy as He placed His youthful Hand in Mine once again. We told Him of the great concern He had caused us, notwithstanding the long trip back. He asked if we did not know He must be about His Father’s business. I turned this over and over in My Heart for many years to come. Yes, He was about His Father’s business, but it was not yet time. He, in His great and overpowering love of God, could not wait to share with others His infinite knowledge. It was an act of love that took place that day, not an act of disobedience. Jesus returned with Joseph and Myself to our humble home. He was never disobedient to us but humble in all things. He grew under our watchful eyes to maturity.

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