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I Was Schooled

There was a time, not long ago, when I was crying out to God about some tough times. The Lord wasn’t “fixing my problems” and I was frustrated. Then He said to me (as sweetly as only He could), “I know. You never did like school.” It was true. I never liked school. Hated it, in fact. But I had to think for a second. What did that have to do with my current problems all these years later? Everything. You see, I was looking at things all wrong. I was looking at the problems as a prison to be rescued from. But they were really a school I had to graduate from. There were lessons to be learned, tests to be taken. Growth to be made, wisdom to be earned. In hindsight, I see that’s even where my closest friendships were formed and strengthened. And that’s probably where some of best writing was done. It truly was a school of sorts. But it wasn’t a “general studies” kind of curriculum. And here’s the important part. Looking back on that time, I see it was all very tailored… according to my weaknesses, yes. (The Lord did not give me even a drop more than I could handle - though I felt I came close a few times). Those lessons were tailored according to my strengths. Here me out. Those trials enhanced and strengthened certain characteristics in me that I would later need in order to fulfill the call on my life. They prepared me for a very specific purpose. Looking back, it’s mind-blowing how utterly perfect that cross was. And today I revel in the graces and goodness that have so beautifully sprung forth from that long winter. And I feel compelled to tell you: yours are coming, too. The Lord has not forgotten you or abandoned you. He is teaching you. And I think if you spend some time studying your current trials you’ll begin to understand your calling. Sometimes when we consider our purpose in life we tend to focus only on our talents and our likes. But friend, oh friend, the real key is in your crosses. Hidden in your crosses is all the insight, wisdom, strength, healing, peace, and purpose you need. So please, please. Don’t think for one second you’ve been forgotten. My friend, you’ve just been schooled. Because you are so deeply loved.

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