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God's Got This

Last year one of my daughters went through a really rocky time. She had health stuff we were trying to work through, so she missed a lot of school because of so many appointments, etc. It was hard keeping up. Plus, at that same time, a whole other slew of “teen” things hit at school. Kids can be so freaking cruel. 😥 She was bombarded. Overwhelmed. I feared a breaking point and prayed so dang hard for her.

When I picked her up from work, a song by King and Country would come on the radio. Almost every single night!! Sometimes it was when I was by myself driving to get her. Sometimes it was when she got in the van after I arrived. But like clockwork, that dang song came on the radio three nights a week when she was done her shift... and it didn’t matter what time of night. 8:30, 9:00, or 10:30. It was there, and the words were perfect for her...

“Wide awake while the world is sound asleepin'

Too afraid of what might show up while you're dreamin'

Nobody, nobody, nobody sees you

Nobody, nobody, nobody would believe you

Every day you try to pick up all the pieces

All the memories, they somehow never leave you

Nobody, nobody, nobody sees you

Nobody, nobody, nobody would believe you

God only knows what you've been through

God only knows what they say about you

God only knows how it's killing you

But there's a kind of love that God only knows...

For the lonely, for the ashamed

The misunderstood, and the ones to blame

What if we could start over

We could start over

We could start over...”

When this song came on the radio, it felt like confirmation that God was working somehow. It came on way too many times to be a mere coincidence. I told her it was her song, that God was playing it for her, that He had a plan. Sometimes she believed; she hoped. But sometimes she doubted. Sometimes everything seemed too big and too messy to ever be able to “start over.”

Fast forward about 9 months. My daughter found healing — her health has been restored! 🙌🏻 We are living back home, school is good. Great, in fact. She tells me she feels at peace for the first time in a while.

This weekend she went to a Catholic youth conference with some kids from our church. And guess who opened the conference? King and Country! And yep, they sang “her song” opening night. To make it even better, the lead singer came off stage, singing. He walked through the crowd right toward her. The guy sang her song... and then practically sang it TO her.

That’s God, y’all. That’s. God.

God will hear your prayers and immediately start working. Things might not be fixed overnight, but He’ll give you hints along the way that He’s got a plan, that He’s in control, that His love will never EVER abandon you. Like a good Father, He will encourage you and lead you. He will pull you out of the pit no matter how deep. He will stand you on your feet no matter how beaten you feel. And He will sing love songs over you — He will even sing them TO you.

Today in the Catholic Church we celebrate the feast of Christ the King. How easily we forget sometimes — in the thick of things — that the “Creator of All” is “King of All” ...that the “Father of All” is “Lord of All.”

How easily we forget that nothing is beyond Him, too big or broken or messy for Him. That’s the kingship of Christ. Do we believe it? Know it? Trust it?

Your prayers are being heard, friend. Your heart is being held. He’s got this.

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