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God's Fireworks

One night last week, our family gathered in the living room to pray for our country, when all of a sudden, our neighbors started setting off fireworks. We continued to pray for America for another 20 minutes or so, and the neighbors continued their fireworks until we were done. It was very, very moving. I considered the fireworks an extra boom, an extra flare, to get the Lord’s attention from on-high.

But the Lord corrected my wrong thinking.

From our perspective, fireworks look extraordinary across a huge, vast sky. From God's perspective, though, they are just a pin-prick in the galaxies. To Him, what is most explosive, most extraordinary, most attention-grabbing is a heart set in prayer. THOSE are God’s “fireworks”. THOSE reach the Heavens. The heartfelt praises and pleas that shoot out of the deep chasm of human souls shining with the light of Christ. It occurred to me that our family praying that night was much more explosive, moving, illuminating, and resounding than the fireworks.

So I will try to remember that again tonight while watching fireworks. I will silently, in my heart, lift up a few more prayers for this country, the land that I love. Will you join me? Please? Wherever you are in this great land, at whatever time, join with me in the silence of your heart. Prayer for this country has never been more needed. And just think of the “display” we could set off in the Heavens tonight if we all joined together, truly united as one nation under God. #GodblessAmerica

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