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Friend In Jesus

There are three types of friends.

1.) The friends you only see or talk to every once in awhile but are still considered a friend.

2.) The friends you talk to regularly, almost every day, often on the phone or via text.

3.) The friends you not only talk to every day, but you go through really hard times with.

If this was a video, here’s where I’d queue up the song, “You gotta friend in Jesus.”

As cliche as it sounds, Jesus wants to be our friend. He IS our friend. BUT it’s up to us which KIND of friend.

1.) Do you only talk to Him every once in awhile but know He’s still a friend?

2.) Do you talk to Him regularly, almost every day, often on your phone via a Bible or prayer app?

3.) Do you not only talk to Him every day, but have you gone through really hard times with Him?

Everyone knows friend #3 is the closest friend because the hard times create a deeper closeness. Troubles seem to bond friends together in ways an occasional “hello” just can’t.

So I think one of the greatest scams the enemy has pulled on the world is convincing us to pursue a trouble free life. And convincing us that somehow, if we attain it, we’ll be happy.

The truth is, there is no such thing as a trouble free life. Jesus told us to expect troubles. (John 16:33) He Himself had them. But even more than that, our troubles are the means by which we grow closer to Jesus.

So I think the way we attain true happiness is by living grateful that Jesus wants to be a “hard times friend.”

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