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Defend the Unborn


WARNING! Below video contains graphic material. Not suitable for some viewers.

"Awakening" is a video produced in 2012 that shows the ugliness of abortion. Yes, it is difficult to watch. But we cannot overcome this tragedy until we "see" it for what it really is. I pray you feel compelled to share this with everyone you know, and that you receive Holy Boldness to defend the unborn and vote for holy leaders. God bless you and God bless America.


How is it that wildlife have more protections than American citizens? 


I discussed the importance of the rosary in the Battle Plan section on “Protection of Family.” But the rosary is immensely powerful when it comes to defending the unborn, too. In fact, Mary has given us a specific rosary that serves as a powerful weapon for the Militia.

In every war there are the major, decisive battles that either cause you to win the war or lose it. It is no different in this spiritual war. The most decisive battle we experience currently is not against terrorism or maniacs testing nuclear arms. It is against abortion.

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 125,000 abortions occurring each day around the world, which corresponds to 40-50 million abortions every year. That’s 40-50 million distinct, eternal souls created by God, loved intensely, blessed with innate purpose. Just wiped off the planet.

That’s millions of family trees snuffed out in an instant. Millions of vocations—millions of parents, priests, ministers—millions of chosen personalities gifted with the ability to change the world for the better. Millions of gifts, crafted lovingly by the Hand of God, given to us for our benefit. Now gone. All gone. Many even thrown in dumpsters.

Do not be deceived. Do not think this is just some political issue, like taxes or jobs. This, my friends, is the battle of all battles, the battle that will inevitably decide our fate.

This is a sin of astronomical proportions. It is a direct sin against the very essence of God because it is a sin against life itself which comes from God. It is a sin against His generosity, His will, His plan. It is a sin against the incarnation of Jesus who made pregnancy sacred when He chose it as the means by which to come and save the world. It is a sin against the Holy Spirit who breathes life into each soul that takes residence in a womb. It is a sin against Mary who, even though Her pregnancy was unplanned, chose life for our sake.

This. Is. THE. Battle. And the Virgin Mary has come to warn us.

On July 13, 1997—exactly 80 years (to the day) after the Virgin Mary asked the children of Fatima to pray the Rosary for peace and atonement—Mary appeared to another visionary, this time in America.

Maureen Sweeny-Kyle was praying in a church in Ohio, when suddenly Mary appeared in the Church, holding a large, beaded Rosary. The 50 Hail Mary beads changed into the shapes of the 50 states and then slipped off the string of the Rosary and landed in a pile at Mary’s feet.

A few days later on July 17th, She appeared to Maureen again with all 50 states still in a pile at Her feet. There were two angels with Her this time. One angel picked up one of the states and handed it to the other angel. It was like sand in his hand. Then it turned into gold with some of the sand falling out as it changed. The gold was then given to the Virgin Mary who placed it into Her Immaculate Heart.


"Making Catholic Choices" is a Militia of Mary series providing you with very short, easy to understand points to defend the unborn.

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