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For many years, Stacy Mal had a series of dreams, which she calls “encounters.” They did not make sense to her initially, so she wrote them down and hid them away in her journal. Then she prayerfully immersed herself in scripture where she came to understand that these dreams harbored profound spiritual truths—and contained a grave warning for the world.


But again, she wrote the revelations down and hid them away.


Later, Stacy began studying Marian apparitions. To her surprise, numerous messages given to visionaries around the world echoed her dreams and confirmed the revelations. Ironic and miraculous day-to-day life experiences confirmed them as well.


So she wrote it all down in her journal, but she did not hide it away this time.


Finally, she understood the urgency of Heaven’s call and submitted to the will of God to make these revelations known.


This book is extracted from Stacy’s personal journals, but it is not just about her. This book is about the Bride of Christ. It is a warning and a call from God the Father, who is summoning all of His people into a new ark of protection before the storm of his justice strikes.


In His mercy, the Lord does not want any soul caught off guard. That’s why He has given Stacy (and numerous others) detailed instructions on how to prepare—just like He did for Noah. The question is: who will get into the ark?


“Today, if you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” (Hebrews 3:7)

Into the Ark

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