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When a person consecrates himself to Mary, he does so like a soldier who commits himself to an army. The soldier works for and belongs to the army, yes, but only as a way of living out his fidelity to his country. Likewise, those who consecrate themselves to Mary work for and belong to Her, yes, but only as a way of living out their fidelity to God.

Therefore, readers who make this consecration join a spiritual militia. It's soldiers seek to be formed, molded, and groomed by the same Woman who formed, molded, and groomed their Lord, Jesus. They begin to "follow Him" in the truest sense.

Throughout the consecration, participants will meditate on quotes from the Militia patrons -- St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and St. John Paull II. They will consider the Blessed Virgin Mary's role as Woman, Mother, Door, Ark, Spouse, Co-Redemptrix, Queen, and Victor. They will pray for the grace to faithfully live out their call of duty, and for the protection of their families and communities.. And they will pledge obedience to the Father's Divine Will.

Consecration to the Militia

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