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Foreword by best-selling author and noted Marian speaker, Wayne Weible!!For many years, Stacy Mal chronicled her spiritual journey, and in this very personal testimony, she reveals the details of what she calls her "second conversion."


She tells the story that started back in 2006, when she discovered Holy Love Ministries—a Marian apparition site in Ohio that completely changed her life. As a young journalist, Stacy first made numerous trips to the site to investigate its authenticity. She studied the messages, interviewed the visionary, as well as church officials. And while the controversies surrounding the mission were great, Stacy soon found the fruit to be even greater.


She experienced countless unexplainable miracles there, but what was most transforming was the impact the messages had on her life. These messages aligned with Scripture and approved writings by Doctors of the Church. They described a very straight-forward path to salvation, and were the impetus that helped Stacy get back on track in her faith.This is the story of the path and her journey on it.


Stacy has written this book with the understanding that her experiences at Holy Love were not just for her. The message that transformed her life is a message for all people and all nations.

A Pilgrim's Journey

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