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When the House Gets Crazy

Sometimes our house can get chaotic. Big families are just like that. But sometimes it’s more than just chaos. Sometimes it feels like an attack.

You guys know what I mean. When something dark and sinister seems to have besieged your family and everyone is struggling with something. Everyone is pressed down, overwhelmed, despairing. And you feel like the house might erupt at any moment.

What do you do?

One thing I’ve found helpful is to gather up the kids, put on praise and worship music, and sing your hearts out.

With. The. Kids. That’s important.

Psalm 8:2 says “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.”

Read that again.

Now read it one more time.

It is the praise of CHILDREN that is a stronghold against the devil. It is the praise of CHILDREN that can silence enemy!

Is it any wonder why the devil attacks children so vehemently?? It is because their praises are his demise. The praises of young, pure souls whose angels behold the face of God can render the enemy powerless.

So, parents - teach your kids to praise the Lord! Don’t just teach them to pray. Teach them to harness the power within them.

And when things get crazy in your house, gather the troops together and unleash the secret weapon! Break out in song — with joy.

Take that, Satan.

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