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When Hell Breaks Loose

Sometimes, when the $hi+ hits the fan, when it’s one thing after the other, after the other... it can make you feel like the gates of hell have been loosed against you... and sometimes that’s because they have been. And not because you have failed, or because you are inferior... sometimes, it’s quite the opposite. Sometimes all hell breaks loose against us because the powers of hell are threatened by us. They fear our intimacy with the Almighty and the way He empowers us. They fear our loyalty to the King of Kings and the destruction we can bring to the kingdom of darkness. Quite frankly, they fear the God of the universe dwelling inside us because they know it means their demise. So don’t cower at the attacks, or feel outnumbered or outpowered. It’s all just proof you are standing strong and headed to sure victory. Press on, friends, and cling tightly to the God who saves. You got this.

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