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The Wounds

Thinking about the wounds of the Resurrected Jesus...

This morning I was praying about the resurrection during my morning rosary... specifically where Jesus shows the disciples His Wounds. Yes, He does this to prove to them that it's really Him, the one who was crucified. But, I feel like there's even more to it. He could have reminded them of private conversations to prove it was Him. Or He could have worked another miracle or something, but He didn't.

He showed them wounds. Wounds that He chose to keep. (If it was me - and I had Almighty power - I probably would have seen my wounds as eye sores and "air brushed" them away.) But Jesus kept them, and showed them off at the Resurrection. He used them to help His friends believe, to fan the flames of faith.

So I'm sitting here thinking about wounds. We've all got them. Every last one of us. Some of us have visible wounds like Jesus. Some of us have wounds buried so deep in our hearts that no one has even the faintest clue they're there. Some of us have both - visible and invisible wounds. Either way, I'm willing to bet there's not a soul on the planet right now who's walking around wound-free.

We hate that about this life, I know -- all these wounds and brokenness. But there is a point to them, and a purpose. Wounds associate us with Him. They make us like Jesus. His heart was wounded in betrayal and His body was wounded in torture. But He rose above it and came out victorious. And so will we.

Right now God is painting us with wounds - not to be cruel, but because the end picture is an image of a victor. He is painting a triumphant soldier covered with battle scars. It's just that, right now, the paint is still wet. The wounds are still fresh. But in time, your life - your very being - will serve as a great work of art. Others will look upon you in awe, and they will wonder at how you endured the battlefield.

Like the wounds of Jesus, your wounds will cause friends and family to believe. They will fan the flames of faith. They will give others hope,...those who are still trudging through the trenches, looking for a reason to keep going. In you, they will see the resurrection, if you just hang on a little bit longer. The paint is still drying, friends. But a great masterpiece is in the works. Look at His wounded hand outstretched toward you. Take hold of it today, and let Him lead you into the resurrection.


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