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The Science of Mary's Motherhood

You probably stopped at this picture and started reading this post to hear my big announcement. Sorry, but I’m not pregnant. 😉 Gotcha! But I do want to talk about babies in utero.

Yesterday I wrote about how the holy presence of Jesus makes people, places, and things holy by association. When it comes to the Blessed Virgin Mary, this is especially true. Jesus didn’t just have contact with Her, He dwelt within Her. This alone elevated Her (in terms of sanctity) above all other holy people, places, and things... the Holy Land, the Saints, the Shroud, even the Cross.

Before you disagree too quickly, let me explain. My theory can actually be scientifically proven.

It all comes down to something known as fetal-maternal microchimerism, where cells from the fetus cross the placenta and enter the mother. These cells from the baby float around in the mother’s blood and eventually embed in her tissue. Like stem cells, these fetal cells are what’s called pluripotent. Basically, they’re like little “chameleon cells”... they change into the same type of tissue that surrounds it—thyroid cells, liver cells, whatever.

So far, studies have found fetal cells in the mother’s brain, bones, liver, lungs, and other organs. And it seems these cells stay there— other studies found that women who died in their 70s still had male DNA in their brains from when their sons were in the womb!

I find this a fascinating topic, especially when it comes to the Virgin Mary. Think about what this says. The sacred Body of God actually left physical remnants of Himself in Mary. Fetal cells from the Word Incarnate actually embedded themselves in Mary’s brain and Her organs. She literally and physically carried Jesus Christ within Her, long after His birth. His cells and Her cells melded. She was united with Him in an unprecedented way.

So, to say that they were “not united,” or to say that the Blessed Virgin Mary was just “a creature like the rest of us”.... well, that is just scientifically inaccurate. No other person, place, or relic was sanctified to this degree. Nothing else on earth ever contained what She contained... physical components of the living God.

This, my friends, makes Her all the more worthy of honor and respect.

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