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The Invitation

So there is this friend, who I care about deeply, who says they care equally for me too. I have done a lot for this person. I mean, A LOT. More than I could sum up in one little post. I’m talking financially, spiritually, physically.... everything, on a daily basis, for many years. But don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to do it because I really do love this person and I don’t do it for anything in return.

The problem is, the last few times I’ve had something at my house, and have invited this person over, they don’t come. And I don’t ask them to bring anything with them either. I have food and drinks here. I just want them to come over and visit. But they make an excuse—they don’t feel like it, they have something better to do, other people they’d rather see, etc. But the very next day (sometimes even the same day) they are happy to accept my help again. As if nothing ever happened.

It makes me feel a little “used,” honestly... and sad... like I’m not a priority... unless there’s nothing else on their schedule... even though they say they do care about me. And I do believe their intentions are good. I just don’t rate as high as other things, I guess.

So my question is - Am I overreacting? What would you do? How would you feel?






Before you answer that, you should know this is a fake story. It’s a parable to try and prove a point about Sunday church.

You see, God does everything for us, every single day. More than I could ever do for some friend. Our hearts don’t take a beat unless He commands them to. Our world doesn’t keep spinning unless He tells it to.

And yet, on Sundays, when He invites us to His house, to come to His table, we sometimes “don’t feel like it.” Or, we have better things to do or other people we’d rather see. Especially this time of year when we are vacationing, attending picnics, enjoying the sunshine, etc. Basically, when we are out “on His dime” so to speak... basking in His bounty and soaking up His blessing... all the while He waits for us, with eagerness and longing, with the table set and food prepared.

Some will say it’s not that big of a deal (even some clergy, which, quite frankly, is a crying SHAME!) but if you’re Catholic, remember #2180 of the catechism and canon law #1247. (It absolutely IS a grave matter.) Even if you’re not Catholic, the Bible says to keep Holy the sabbath. (Ex 20:8) Scripture is clear on the importance and duty of gathering together in worship. Friends, we owe Him that.

And we have no excuse that can justify rejecting His invite. Unless, of course, you are prevented by a serious situation... if you are sick or caring for the sick, your car breaks, etc. That is a legitimate excuse and God is with you in that.

However, a grad party, or wanting to sleep in, or being on vacation, or a kids sporting event aren’t really considered a “serious situation” in my opinion. The internet and smartphone have made it pretty easy to find any kind of Church, anywhere in the world, any day of the year.

I get so sad sometimes when people are so casual about skipping Church.. because it doesn’t “fit their schedule.” But guys, we’ve got it all backward. We shouldn’t try and fit God into our lives. He IS OUR LIFE... the very source of it. We should be fitting our lives around Him. He deserves more than our calendar leftovers.

So, that being said, today’s Sunday... your invite was sent and He’s waiting. ❤️ What’s your response going to be?

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