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The Dark Garden of Anxiety

If you have anxiety, you’ve probably heard it before: you just need to trust God.

Well-intentioned friends think they’re helping when they say this. They think they’re helping when they remind you of scriptures such as, “Have no fear.”

But if you have anxiety - real, true anxiety - you know that doesn’t help.

People with anxiety don’t have a lack of faith, in most cases. They likely have a physical condition such as nutrient deficiencies, adrenal issues, toxin buildup, mold exposure, neurotransmitter imbalances, increased inflammation, Lyme disease, PTSD, or a myriad of other possibilities.

Their anxiety originates in their body, not their spirit.

So, if that’s you, friend, it’s okay. You’re not a terrible Christian because your heart feels like it’s going to beat out of your chest in certain situations. Jesus is not disappointed in you because you feel like you’re suffocating at times.

In fact, I believe you’re actually very close to Him in your anxiety.

Remember, Jesus Himself suffered great and terrible anxiety. We see an instance of this when He prayed in the garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus had faith. Jesus trusted God the Father. Jesus prayed. And yet He still sweat blood. (Jn 22:44) He was still “deeply grieved and agitated even to death.” (Mt 26:37-38)

He even told his disciples “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” (Mt. 26:41) I think every Christian with anxiety can relate to this.

So please, please, cut yourself some slack, friend.

Continue to pray and seek Jesus in spirit, in your own dark garden, yes. But don’t forget where these feelings originate. Seek also professionals (counselors or doctors) who can help address the needs of the flesh. Seek those who can help you navigate PTSD, deficiencies, imbalances, toxins, Lyme, etc.

Even Jesus received help in the garden. “Then an angel from Heaven appeared to Him and gave him strength.” (Luke 22:43)

I’ve met many professionals devoted to natural health who are very much like angels on this earth.

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