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Pulling Weeds

We've all got them - weeds. No matter how hard we try, we've all got those eye-sores in the garden of our hearts. Here's some tips on how to get rid of them.

Here's an excerpt from my book "Rebuilding Your Temple Garden" Page 58-60:

Another reason why the level of weeds is the most difficult stage in the spiritual journey is because it often takes the most work. Some of these weeds, like pride, have very deep roots. They've been growing deep in the soil of your heart for quite some time, and they are not going to be removed easily. Some of these weeds - like unforgiveness - have been growing unchecked, and have taken over a great deal of space in the garden of your soul. They've reached out into all kinds of areas of the spiritual life, like other relationships, etc. Again, it's not going to be easy to clear these out. But it absolutely must be done....

But you can't just say, "Oh, there's a weed of jealousy. I'll stop being jealous." No, that's like snapping off the weed from the surface. You left the root intact. No. You have to sit with that weed in prayer and you have to ask God for a greater self knowledge regarding the ROOT of that jealousy. Is it an insecurity within you? An uncared for wound? A hidden unforgiveness?...

When you receive the grace to understand the depth of the root - and the type of root this weed has - then you will know how to uproot it and get rid of it...Don't assume you know how to pull it it, unless you've taken it to prayer. Roots are hidden from our view...

Another thing to consider is that these weeds didn't just magically appear in the garden. We planted each one ourselves. That weed took root in us because we fed and watered it with an affection we have for that particular sin. Meaning, we liked it or enjoyed it to some degree, or we wouldn't have chosen it or allowed it to continue to grow.

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