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Onward, Christian Soldiers

Some people are watching the news, and they fear going to war. And rightly so. But oh, my friends, we are already at war, and have been for quite some time. It's important you realize that.

The enemy of your soul and mine has been attacking the Christian foundation of this country for many years... with the singular goal of destroying the faith in America. He has detonated a mustard gas of confusion regarding God's Laws. He has persuaded some soldiers of Christ to become deserters.

He's been so relentless that we've actually agreed to take down the Lord's banner in public squares; we've silenced God's battle cry in public schools. We've retired our weapons of public prayer..... and we have taken up the enemy's weapons - the chemical weapons of sin, which secretly and quietly disfigures us and eats away at the life of grace in our souls.

In many ways we've written the very name of our enemy in our laws, and thereby adopted his ways. Now, anything goes -- any feeling or belief -- except that which we once stood for.

The light in our camp is smaller than it once was. Lady liberty has been pillaged and disgraced. Boots on the ground have abandoned the Chief. But a faithful remnant remains.

Those of us who still recognize and resist the enemy -- who still proclaim the battle cry, and wave high the Cross -- we still experience the intensity. We still carry the sword of truth. We still do battle every single day.

We aren't watching the news fearful of going to war. We're already at war. We're watching the news, fearful of quitting. Deep in our hearts we know that our only hope for peace is the full and complete restoration of America to its Christian heritage.

And so onward we go, Christian soldiers.

We know this war involves not just bodies but souls. That it doesn't result in temporary politics but eternal life.

We know that if we unite once again under our Leader we will be protected, because we know He is almighty.

We know that foreign commanders are no match for the One who commands the seas. Man made missiles and are no match for the One who created the skies. And conflict is no match for the One who conquered death.

And so we stand with Him. We defend Him, united under Him. Confident. Bold. Courageous. Because we know the inevitable outcome of this war. We know He is already victorious.

Keep on keeping on, friends. There is only one way out of this mess. See ya all in the Victors camp.

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