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Luminous Mysteries with the Saints

The Baptism of Jesus

“The Lord was Baptized, not to be cleansed Himself, but to cleanse the waters, so that those waters, cleansed by the flesh of Christ which knew no sin, might have the power of Baptism.”

~ St. Ambrose of Milan

The Wedding at Cana

"Mary's request: 'Do whatever he tells you', keeps its ever timely value for Christians of every age.... It is an exhortation to trust without hesitation, especially when one does not understand the meaning or benefit of what Christ asks.”

~ St. John Paul II

The Proclamation of the Kingdom

“Perfection of life consists in drawing close to God. Heaven is the possession of God. In heaven God is contemplated, adored, loved. But to attain heaven it's necessary to be detached from what is earthly. What is the life of a Carmelite if not one of contemplating, adoring and loving God incessantly? And she, by being desirous for that heaven, distances herself from the world and tries to detach herself as much as possible from everything earthly.”

~ St. Teresa of the Andes

The Transfiguration

"At his Transfiguration Christ showed his disciples the splendor of his beauty, to which he will shape and color those who are his: 'He will reform our lowness configured to the body of his glory.'"

~ Saint Thomas Aquinas

The Institution of the Eucharist

“The soul hungers for God, and nothing but God can satiate it. Therefore He came to dwell on earth and assumed a Body in order that this Body might become the Food of our souls.”

~ St John Vianney

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