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Luminous Mysteries from "The City of God"

(Extracted from the book “The Mystical City of God” by Venerable Mary of Agreda, TAN Books and Publishers, Inc. 1978)

The Baptism of Jesus

“Before appearing at the Jordan, {Jesus} filled the heart of Saint John with new light and joy which changed and elevated his soul. Perceiving these new workings of grace within himself, he reflected upon them full of wonder, saying “what mystery is this? What present amounts of happiness? From the moment when I recognize the presence of my Lord in the womb of my mother, I have not felt such stirring of my soul as now! Is it possible that he is now happily come, or that the Savior of the world is now near me?” (Page 436)

The Wedding at Cana

The Virgin Mary was at the wedding in Cana because, as Venerable Mary of Agreda tells us, “During [Jesus’] journeys the Queen of Heaven proceeded on foot just as her divine Son. If even the Lord was fatigued on the way, as Saint John says (John 4:61), how much more fatigued was this purest lady? What hardships did she not endure on such arduous journeys and all sorts of weather? Such is the rigorous treatment recorded by the Mother of Mercy to her most delicate body! What she endured in these labors alone is so great that not all the mortals together can ever satisfy their obligations to her in this regard. Sometimes by permission of the Lord, she suffered such great weakness and pains that he was constrained to relieve her miraculously. At other times he commanded her to rest herself at some stopping place for a few days, while again on certain occasions he gave such lightness to her body that she could move about without difficulty as if on wings.” (Page 456-457)

The Proclamation of the Kingdom

“The Heavenly Lady had the whole doctrine of the evangelical law written in her heart. Nevertheless, she was as solicitous and attentive as a new disciple to the preaching and doctrine of her divine Son, and she had instructed her angels to report to her if necessary the sermons of the Master whenever she was absent. To the sermons of her Son, she always listened on her knees so that according to the utmost of her powers showing the reverence and worship due to his Person and doctrine.” (Page 457)

The Transfiguration

“I was given to understand that at the same time in which some of the holy angels were commissioned to bring the soul of Moses and Elias from their abode, others of her own guard carried the Heavenly Lady to Mount Tabor, in order to witness the Transfiguration of her divine Son... She began to ponder upon what she had seen and heard... refulgent in glory, that same bodily substance, which had been formed of her blood, carried in her womb and nursed at her breast; how she had with her own ears heard the voice of the Eternal Father acknowledge her Son as his own and appoint him as the Teacher of all the human race.” (Page 474)

The Institution of the Eucharist

“Christ had partaken of the prescribed supper with his disciples reclining on the floor around a table, which was elevated from it little more than the distance of six or seven fingers; for such was the custom of the Jews. But after the washing of the feet, he ordered another, higher table to be prepared, such as we now use for our meals. By this arrangement, he wished to put an end to the legal suppers and to the lower and figurative law and established the new Supper of the law of grace. From that time on, he wished the sacred mysteries to be performed on the tables or altars, which are in use in the Catholic Church.” (Page 485)

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