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Luminous Mysteries for Grace

Baptism of Jesus:

Jesus asks John the Baptist to baptize him in the Jordan River. When He comes up from the water, the heavens are opened, and we hear that the Father is well pleased. Mary, grant me the grace to follow Jesus and live up to my baptismal vows. May the Heavenly Father be pleased with my efforts, and the Heavens be opened to me.

Wedding at Cana:

Through Mary's intercession, Jesus works his first miracle by changing regular water into wine. This opens the hearts of the disciples to believe in Him, to see Him as more than just a teacher. Mary, grant me the grace of faith, the grace to believe even more in Jesus’ power and love. May he open my heart wider and change me from a regular believer into a strong believer.

Proclamation of the Kingdom:

After the Heavens are opened, and the hearts of believers are opened, Jesus proclaims that the Kingdom of God is at hand. All the baptized must do to receive it is repent and believe. Mary, grant me the grace of repentance and true sorrow for my sins. Through the sacrament of Reconciliation, may the blood of Jesus restore me to the Kingdom of God.


Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up Mount Tabor to pray, and He is transfigured into light. Jesus is seen in resplendent glory. Moses and Elijah appear and speak with Jesus. This is what we, too, can expect if we follow Jesus up the mountain of prayer. Mary, grant me the grace of a fervent prayer life. May I, too, be transfigured in Christ.

Institution of the Eucharist:

Jesus commands two disciples to go prepare the upper room so that they can celebrate the Passover feast. Then, at the Last Supper, Jesus gives his disciples His Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist so that He may remain with them—and in them--forever. Mary, grant me the grace of spiritual preparation so that I may better prepare the room of my heart before Mass. Through the sacrament of Holy Communion, may Jesus remain with—and in me--forever.

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