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Litany of the Needy

A little something that came out of my morning prayer time...

In my morning prayer time, I was praying for many of you. And I was a bit overwhelmed by just how many there are, who are in need of prayer right now. It really, really affected me. But God laid it on my heart that this was our one common denominator here in this life.

Regardless of our race, religion, political party, age, social status, so forth and so on, we are all--every single one of us--needy in some way or another. Each of us has an area of our life that is currently lacking, a spot in our heart that is currently unfulfilled. And actually, this is our greatest gift from God. It is the thing that keeps us reaching upward towards him, keeps us from getting too content and comfortable in this passing, imperfect world.

Today, as we go about our day, I pray we see each other in our sameness, in our neediness. I pray we look with wider eyes at our brothers and sisters... those driving in vehicles around us, those in our workplaces, classrooms, lunchrooms, grocery stores, post offices... and most especially in our own homes. Here is the prayer that God laid on my heart. Unfortunately, it addresses only a small fraction of the immense neediness plaguing humanity.

The Litany of the Needy

For those who are homeless, who need shelter.

For those who are suffering from pain, who need relief.

For those who are sick, who need healing.

For those who are depressed, who need joy.

For those who are hungry, who need food.

For those suffering from mental illness, who need healing.

For those who cannot make ends meet, who need additional income.

For those who are unemployed, who need work.

For those who are lonely, who need a friend.

For those who are orphaned, who need parents.

For those who disbelieve, who need faith.

For those who are discouraged, who need hope.

For those who are hated, who need love.

For those who are neglected, who need care.

For those who are insecure, who need confidence.

For those who live in fear and anxiety, who need peace.

For those who are addicted, who need liberty.

For those who are tormented by the devil, who need deliverance.

For those who live in error, who need truth.

For those who are too busy, who need time.

For those who are persecuted, who need freedom.

For those who are burdened, who need assistance.

For those who are abused, who need respect.

For those who are confused, who need clarity.

For those who are exhausted, who need strength.

For those who are arrogant, who need humility.

For those who are grieving, who need comfort.

For those who are in Purgatory, who need release.

And for those who do not think they need anything, who in actuality need a revelation.

May Almighty God bless each of us, and fill us to overflowing with His almighty power. May He Himself take up residence in us so that we will no longer be in need. Amen.

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