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Let Go, Let God

This is for those of you who are stuck in unhealthy relationships or who are struggling with codependency... Let go and let God. Pray, pray, fast, and pray. Let God do the rest. You got this, friend. Some relationships are like a pit. Dark and suffocating. It’s like you’re chained to the other person’s dysfunction, which makes the pit seem like an inescapable prison.

Regardless of your own emotions, you experience theirs because you’re tied to them, and they drag you along through exhausting and erratic ups and downs. They hurl insult after insult at you, and you are too close to them to dodge it. So, it sticks. And it hurts. Day after day, year after year, you endure the agony of the pit, and it sucks the life out of you. It becomes the new norm, and you barely remember what sunlight looks like or what fresh air feels like. Peace is nowhere to be found.

And then, one day you hear a Voice. It is calling you out of the pit. It’s the sweetest, most alluring Voice you’ve ever heard. It says in a whisper, “The truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32) Free. That Word, that Voice. It enlivens your heart and strengthens your spirit. But what is truth? (John 18:38) You look around and you realize: the truth is, this is not your pit. You did not dig this, you were pulled into it. You are not chained to it, you are merely holding on to the one in it. You are not meant for it, you are just accepting it. The truth is, you are a child of the Light, redeemed and ransomed by the Voice who summons you and empowers you. You are meant to be free, and one with Him.

So, you let go and you begin to climb. With all your might and all your strength, you begin to scratch and pull your way to the Light. The one in the pit yells after you and throws stones. But you keep climbing… until one day, it happens. You find air. And for the first time in years, you breathe deeply and slowly. The Light penetrates you and a strange feeling takes hold of you. It is peace. The one in the pit calls after you. It says you are abandoning it, that leaving is heartless, cruel, selfish. So, you turn back. You go near the pit again, and the one in it reaches out to pull you back in.

You almost fall again…. But the magnetic strength of the Voice upholds you and you remain standing in the Light… strong, healthy, breathing. Your heart aches for the one in the pit, though, so you call to it. You beg it to come out, but it won’t. It just yells and writhes in its anger. The Voice comforts you, and you realize you cannot save the one in the pit.

Only the Voice can raise up one who has fallen, liberate the imprisoned, and call those in darkness to Light. So, you stay close to the Voice. You keep begging Him to call to the pit, and you await the day where that one in it will hear and begin to climb just as you did. The Voice assures you it will happen, in His time, according to His plan. And so you wait. You hope. You trust. You breathe. And you live.

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