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Joyful Mysteries for Children

The Annunciation:

The Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary while she was praying. He told Mary that God wanted her to do something that would be very hard. He wanted her to have a baby, His Son. God asks us to do hard things, too. He wants to use us so that people know Jesus, too. Let us pray: Jesus make me strong to do the hard things you need me to do.

The Visitation:

Mary was pregnant and tired, but She traveled very far on foot to visit her cousin because she was old and needed help. God wants us to help our family and friends, too, even if we get tired. Let us pray: Jesus help me not to think of myself when others need my help, but to think of them first.

The Nativity:

Mary and Joseph obeyed the law and traveled to Bethlehem, even though they worried because Mary was about to have a baby at any time. God wants us to follow the rules, too, even when we worry it will be hard for us. Let us pray: Jesus, help me to be obedient and do what is right, even when I’m afraid.

The Presentation:

Forty days after he was born, Mary and Joseph joyfully took Baby Jesus to the Temple to pray and dedicate Him to God. God wants us to come to Church and to pray too, no matter how young we are. Let us pray: Jesus remind me to say my prayers everyday and help me to be joyful in Church.

The Finding in the Temple

When Jesus was 12 years old, He stayed behind after his parents left the Temple and began to teach and preach about God the Father. God wants people of all ages—even children—to tell others about Him. Jesus help me to be brave enough to tell my friends and family that you are real and you love us.

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