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The other day I was watching my favorite kind of lake waves (rough and wild), thinking back on our journey home, feeling an immense amount of gratitude for the ways God has worked these past eight months. The story of our “homecoming” is nothing short of miraculous. In fact, if I told you the mountains God moved, the seas He parted, and the words He spoke, you might not even believe me. Truth be told, I can hardly believe it myself when I look back on it all. (Even still, I think I might type up “our story” sometime this week -- mainly because God’s work deserves to be chronicled, but also because it’s so amazing I want it to pop up in my FB memories for years to come.)

Anyways, while thinking back on the journey I was overcome with gratitude—so much so that I actually asked God (out loud) “Why us, Lord? Why us?” I just didn’t feel deserving of all that He has done to get us here. And I certainly didn’t feel worthy of the incredible peace and joy I felt being back.

But as quick as I uttered the question, He gave me the answer. “It’s available for everyone.”

It’s not necessarily that He gives everyone the blessings and peace of a “physical” homecoming like we experienced... but definitely a spiritual one. The fact is, the Father is calling every single one of us home to Heaven with Him... and I don’t just mean on our last day or in our last moment. No, God calls us long before that.

My husband and I heard the call to go home a long time before we actually arrived home. We didn’t hear it, then roll into town the very next day. No. It took us MONTHS of prayer, planning, hard work, trust, faith, and discipline to make it happen. But God Blessed our every effort, our every step, our every prayer. He carved out the path and called us forth; He parted seas and moved mountains... but WE walked.

I think that’s how the journey of life is.

God has already carved out your path home to Him. And He’s calling you forth—right now. Probably not because you’re supposed to cross the pearly gates tomorrow, but because homecomings — especially Heavenly ones — take time to work out. It takes trust, prayer, and faith to get there. It takes a lot of hard work to become virtuous, to give up sinful habits, to learn how to forgive... guys, it takes a lifetime to become the saint God calls us to be.

But God is ready to shower you with grace and blessings, right now, if you start walking in His ways. He’s ready to move the mountains you’re not sure you will ever get around. He’s ready to part the seas you feel you’re drowning in. He’s ready to bring you into a peace and a joy you’ve never known before. Not because we deserve it; not because we are worthy to receive it, or because we have somehow earned it... but because we CAN’T earn it or ever be worthy of it. He’s just THAT merciful. He simply loves us THAT much.

Ironically this week is homecoming week in our town. It’s quite poetic for me this year. 💜

“Today if you hear His voice, harden not your heart.” (Heb 3:15)

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