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Healthy Soldier

Someone said to me once, “God doesn’t care what I eat.” My response? Yes. He. Does.

Here’s the thing: when you were baptized, confirmed, when you gave your life to Christ, when you turned away from darkness, when you decided to become His disciple... you became a SOLDIER. A soldier in the army of God.

As such, you’ve been assigned a mission: to make it through the battlefield of life. To be on the lookout for the enemy, to resist his attacks. To listen for God’s instruction, to follow His lead. And to do this, you will probably at some point have to go through boot camp—a time of intense trial, and strife, and preparedness.

Friend, as a Christian you’ve enlisted in the work of dismantling the kingdom of darkness. You’ve been assigned the task of helping your Commander save souls. He will equip you with His divine power, yes, but you will be asked to carry a lot and do a lot, on this mission.

You will be asked to break out of your comfort zone, to endure the heat of the day, to confront Goliath, to climb the mountain of the Lord, to proclaim Him from the rooftops, to attack hate with love, to turn the other cheek, to travel to unknown places, to give your all, day in and day out. And to do all of this, you will need to be STRONG.

It will be hard to do all this, though, if you’re plagued by fatigue, pain, and inflammation. It will be hard to be a steady beacon of His unconditional love with irritability from erratic blood sugars or hormone imbalances. It will be hard to listen for His Word with brain fog, migraines, and attention problems. It will be hard to radiate the joy of the Lord in depression and be an example of His peace in anxiety.

Plain and simple it will be hard to be a soldier if you’re guzzling soda and coffee syrups, fueling up on processed food, and living on GMOs, neurotoxins, and gut destroying chemicals.

You are a temple of the Holy Spirit. So every bite of food you take is either for Him or against Him because it will either strengthen you or weaken you. (And if it weakens the army of God it unintentionally strengthens the army of the enemy.) Understand, there is no middle ground here. There is no food that passes through you without touching you or affecting you in some way. So your food choices are either good for you, or they aren’t. Period. They are either temple-building foods or temple-ruining foods.

Therefore, eating is a moral act. It’s a godly responsibility. It’s either life promoting and life sustaining... or it’s just another tool used in the culture of death. The enemy wants you to be a temple in ruins. But God wants you to be a strong, victorious soldier, alive and strong and well.

So, yes, God does care about what you eat. He cares a lot, actually. Think about this today and choose wisely. Be a soldier.

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