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God is Moving in His Vineyard

Yesterday I went on a walk. The blue sky was almost covered with big puffy white clouds. My Christian playlist was on shuffle, and the song “New Wine” pulled up almost right out of the gate. It’s always been one of my favorites, but when it came on yesterday, I just so happened to be surrounded by vineyards. It was more than just a coincidence. It was one of those moments when you just know that God is speaking. So I kept listening.

“Speak Lord your servant is listening.”

I decided I would replay the song for as long as I was surrounded by vineyards — which, yesterday, was pretty much my entire route. I really felt there was something God wanted me to know - something that I wasn’t going to hear in a few short minutes. So, every time the song came to an end, I clicked ⏪ the back button to replay it. And each time I replayed it, I “heard” something new.

“In the crushing

In the pressing

You are making

New wine...”

Has anyone else felt the crushing and the pressing lately? Has anyone else felt the squeeze of life, of Covid, of everything in the wake of it?

Yeah, me too. So I played it again. ⏪

“In the soil,

I now surrender

You are breaking,

New ground...”

Has anyone else felt like you’ve been replanted, lately? Like you’ve been transplanted to new (completely unfamiliar) ground? Maybe even like you’re “breaking” at times?

Yeah, me too. So I played it again. ⏪

“So I yield to You and

to Your careful hand.

When I trust You I

don't need to understand...”

Has anyone else felt like nothing makes sense anymore? Like it’s getting harder and harder to understand what’s happening and to trust Him in it?

Yeah, me too. So I played it again. ⏪

“Make me Your vessel

Make me an offering

Make me whatever

You want me to be...

Jesus, bring new wine out of me.”

Here’s where things got interesting. Here’s where I knew Jesus was asking me to profess these words - not just sing them. Here’s where I kind of just laid down my life in those vineyards and said, “Okay, Lord. Okay.”

Okay to the crushing and the pressing and everything He’s trying to “ready” me for through it.

Okay to the new ground He’s breaking in me as I try to grow in the “new normal” that I hate so very very much.

Okay to the nonsensical, illogical, impractical, and irrational changes and behaviors that surround me.

Okay to becoming His vessel, that brings sense to the nonsensical and light to the darkness.