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Glorious Mysteries for Daily Strength

The Resurrection

All hope had been lost. Jesus was crucified and buried. It would have been understandable if the woman who followed Him and loved Him had stayed in bed that Easter morning. It would have been understandable if their grief and sorrow immobilized them if it would have sucked from them the energy, strength, and will to go on. But it didn’t. Instead, they arose early, while it was still dark. They gathered supplies to prepare the Body, and they set out to do what needed to be done. This was a Resurrection Grace given to them, a grace enabling them to rise from despair in prayer. But it was also a grace that enabled him to be the first witnesses of the Resurrection. May we, too, receive the same Resurrection Grace as we pray this rosary. May we, too, find the energy, strength, and will to rise early and pray. May we, too, meet the Lord Jesus risen at dawn and go into our day to proclaim him to others. Amen.

The Ascension

Lifting up his hands, he blessed them. While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into Heaven. (Luke 24:50-51) When Jesus ascended into Heaven, the apostles no longer saw him physically, but they had to continue on. They had received his blessing and returned to Jerusalem to serve as his witnesses. During this time of prayer with Jesus, may we, too, be blessed so that when we must continue on in the duties of the day—when we don’t see God as clearly as we do in quiet prayer—we may still have the grace to serve as his witnesses in our daily lives. Amen.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

When the apostles returned to Jerusalem, they spent nine days in prayer with the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the ninth day, the Holy Spirit (the Spouse of the Blessed Mother) filled the house and came upon each of them and filled them. This enabled them to serve as bold, courageous witnesses. As we pray this rosary with the Blessed Virgin Mary, may her Spouse fill this house too, and come upon us and fill us also. Like the first apostles, may we be equipped to serve as bold, courageous witnesses of the risen Jesus. Come Holy Spirit, come. Come by means of the most powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, thy well Spouse. Amen.

The Assumption

The Blessed Virgin Mary, the ark of the new covenant, was taken to Heaven to be reunited with her Son. The sinless, pure Mother of God was not to suffer the decay of the grave but to be assumed into Heaven at the end of her pilgrimage. Now, the Mother who led the apostles at Pentecost still visits the new apostles through her apparitions. The Mother of Jesus, and the Mother of us all, is still working with her Spouse to form new believers and new witnesses for her Son. During this rosary, may we be visited by the Holy Spirit and his Spouse, the assumed and ever Virgin Mary, our Mother. Open our spiritual eyes to see you both that we may form our lives to yours. Amen.

The Coronation

The Blessed Virgin Mary was not only assumed into Heaven. She was crowned Queen upon her arrival. Our Mother is not only a Spouse to the Holy Spirit. She is Queen of Heaven and earth. The woman clothed with the sun and arrayed in gold will triumph. She will crush the devil’s head. During this rosary, will pray with a queen who sits at the right hand of the king. It is she who will usher in the victory. Let us draw near to her in these prayers and listen for her battle plan, her instruction, her and her guidance, that we to me one day triumph and receive our own crown of glory in Heaven. Amen.

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