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Four Troops

I’d like to tell you a story. There once were 4 divisions of an army. Four “troops,” so to speak. The soldiers were all drafted. They did not choose the military. They were chosen for it based on their aptitudes and abilities. Each troop had their own strategy for battle, so they each had their own kind of training.

The first group trained physically for years. Boot camp, boot camp, and more boot camp. They were strong and fit.

The second group trained mentally for years. They studied the land, the battle plan, even their enemy. They were knowledgeable and wise.

The third group didn’t train at all. They just got together and played cards. They didn’t understand why the had been put together and had no idea there was a war brewing.

The fourth group did all three things. They trained physically, they trained mentally, and they built friendships with their fellow soldiers.

Then the day of battle arrived.

The first group (as strong as they were) unknowingly wandered into enemy territory and were taken by surprise. They were sitting ducks and every last soldier was killed.

The second group knew the enemy’s tactics and avoided them - at least for awhile. But they couldn’t avoid them forever. Eventually they had to confront the enemy in combat and because they were physically weak, each soldier perished.

The third group didn’t last a day. They were untrained physically and mentally. Their tent was shot down by the enemy during a card game and not one soldier survived.

The fourth group was able to outsmart the enemy and physically overcome them in combat. Because of their camaraderie and loyalty, the soldiers defended each other in battle and not one soldier was lost. All were victorious.

This morning the Lord showed me that these are four groups within His army.

The first group does all the physical things. They go to church and volunteer but they don’t study the Word (the battle plan) or the enemy’s tactics. So at some point the enemy will catch them off guard.

The second group studies but they don’t do anything physically to work in the vineyard. They don’t volunteer or go to church (because they’re “spiritual” not religious.) So at some point they will be asked to serve and will falter.

The third group has no idea they’ve been drafted or that there’s a spiritual war going on. They’re just here to have fun and make friends. When the enemy strikes they won’t know what hit them.

The fourth group serves, studies the battle plan, knows the enemy, and is willing to defend the brothers and sisters of Christ.

The fourth group has a keen sense of purpose. They know they’ve been drafted and placed in this troop for a reason. They know their tent is being stalked by the enemy. They know the battle looms …but they’re ready.

They will dismantle enemy forces with a power the world has never before seen. They will be victorious. Because they have been well trained.

Many in the world today are living like the soldiers in the third group. Like there is no enemy and there is no battle. But I can assure you, friends, there is.

The battle between good and evil is being waged all around you. And if you don’t pay attention it will soon unleash on your tent and your life. Friend, you won’t make it a day if you don’t start training now.

The enemy is hoping you don’t start learning his tactics, going to church, serving your neighbor, or reading the Word. Because he knows that’s his defeat.

He knows the Lord is calling you and wants to empower and equip you, and bring you to victory. But do YOU know it?

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