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Eatable Protein Cookie Dough

There were a lot of unhappy people in this house when the eatable cookie dough container ended up in the sink – and I didn’t make a replacement for the fridge! Lol! Just finished making it, though. It was a long 5 minutes for those standing by waiting. But we finally have smiles again. Recipe below.

1.5 sticks very soft butter or ghee (not melted)

1.5 cups creamy nut butter or all natural peanut butter

In a mixing bowl, mix the above ⬆️ together thoroughly until smooth and creamy.

Add 2.5 cups Plexus vanilla Lean protein powder to the above and stir

Add 1/2 cup stevia to the above and stir very well (it will start to get dry and crumbly-that’s ok!)

Add 1/2 cup brown sugar to the above and stir very well

Add 2 TB almond milk and stir

Add chocolate chips and stir.

Put in a tightly closed container and refrigerate.

Makes enough to fill a 45 ounce Tupperware container.

*Keto version: substitute brown sugar for granulated Erythritol or just extra stevia. Substitute chocolate chips for Lilly’s brand low carb/sugar chocolate chips.

*Vegan version: substitute Lean whey protein for Lean vegan protein. Substitute butter for coconut oil or other plant based product

*Double chocolate/brownie batter version: substitute vanilla Lean protein for chocolate Lean protein powder

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