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Begin to See the Son

Why do I post so much about God on social media? Yes it's (in part) for my Christian friends, my comrades in the battle, so that they know they have support. But it's also for those of you who do NOT believe, and those of you who once believed but have since fallen away. It's for those of you who "don't like religion" and those who just don't give God much thought one way or the other.

You might be gasping right now, saying, "Ah, she's trying to convert me!" No, the word convert implies you become something new, something you were not previously. And here's the thing: you've always been a child of God and you always will be.... whether you make time for him or not, whether you love him or not, whether you reject his kingdom or not.

You were created by His hands, with love in his heart, to serve a purpose, and do good upon earth. You don't CONVERT to that, you just ARE that. Some of you are trying to take God out of the equation of your life... like trying to enjoy the bright warmth of summer while rejecting the existence of the sun.

Just because you don't look at the sun, doesn't mean it's not there. Just because you hate science doesn't mean it's not true and real. Just because astronomers "rub you the wrong way" doesn't mean there's not more out there.

I write so much about God because, as your friend, I want you to have a reminder each day of who you really are (how very precious you are) and what this life is really about.

It's not about money and material possessions and what you look like and where you go on vacation. It's not what you have that makes you who you are... friend, you already are. You were created in the image and likeness of God almighty. No material thing here on earth can add to that or take away from that. Your bank account does not increase your value, your house does not elevate your status, your clothes and cosmetics do not increase your beauty.

You already are more valuable than all the riches of the world; you already have a royal status as his heir; and you already shine from the beauty of your eternal soul. Quit working so hard. You already are more than you aspire to be. Because of this, God smiled when He made you. He cried when you left Him. And He is anxious now awaiting your return.

You cannot escape Him or deny Him forever. No, the day will come - either in this life or the next - when you will have to accept Him. When you will have to accept yourself, in Him. He has been holding you in the palm of His Hand since the minute you entered this world. To say that you have acquired or accomplished anything without Him is like saying the face of the earth has flourished without the sun. It is not logical. And just like the huge green trees will someday die and return to the earth, so too will our bodies die and our souls return to the Heavens.

Face it, friend, all this is nothingness. It is but a blip on your eternal timeline. All that "stuff" your collecting and killing yourself working for, you can't take it with you. The only things that cross that threshold with you on your last day - the only tokens needed to pass through those pearly gates - are your faith and your love of God and neighbor. Period.

Begin today to store up treasure in Heaven. Begin today to see the Son. Let His Light shine down upon you. When you feel the warmth, know He is calling you. Know it is Him, reaching down, embracing you. Don't run, my friend. Don't run. Accept him. I'm praying for this very special intention today. God bless.

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