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A New Kind of Lepanto Battle

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Last weekend I made a video of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary for the corona virus pandemic... but I got busy and forgot to post them. Since it's Friday, I thought maybe some of you would like to pray along to these. It's not perfect but it still helps. Maybe this weekend I'll do other mysteries. We'll see how quarantine goes...

Thank you to all of you who are praying for our country and our world during this time. That's what we need most. I feel as though we are fighting a new kind of "Lepanto battle." Allow me to explain.... Centuries ago, Mohammed attempted to conquer the entire Christian world for Allah by force. His people had taken over and robbed every Christian capital of the Middle East, from Antioch through North Africa and Spain. The only thing he had not taken was the northern area from Southern France to Constantinople.

Finally, in September of 1571, Don Juan of Austria, led a makeshift fleet of Catholic ships, called the Holy League out against the much larger fleet of the Ottoman Empire. The Holy League was outnumbered 3 to 1.

However, Pope Pius V, ordered all churches to remain open for prayer day and night. He asked the faithful to petition the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary by praying the Rosary. Even the men on the ships prayed the Rosary and implored Her help.

The Ottoman Empire waved a green battle flag with the name of Muhammad embroidered on it in Arabic some 29,800 times. The Holy League had Rosaries, and an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, that had been touched to the original image on Juan Diego’s cloak.

The Turk ships normally approached battle in crescent formation, but as they neared the Holy League, a wind picked up that brought them into a straight line. This gave the Holy League an advantage, despite being outnumbered. The Holy League lost 50 of its ships in the battle. The Turks lost about 210 of its 250 ships and their leader Ali Pasha was killed, along with 25,000 of his sailors. This victory at Lepanto, stopped Ottoman invasion into the Mediterranean and prevented them from spreading through Europe and overcoming the Christian West.

While there are MANY MANY miracles associated with the prayer of the rosary, I feel like this miracle is most relevant today. Our current enemy is an invisible virus that is taking over the world. The threat is very grave. Lives are at risk and this could potentially change the economic landscape of life as we know it. We have been robbed of public worship, the ability to work and go to school and leave the house. Doctors and nurses feel outnumbered. People feel hopeless and scared. But, guys, I'm confident that if we form a new "Holy League" of rosary prayer warriors, we can -- and WILL -- defeat this enemy too. Please share if you feel led....God bless, all....

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